Every member of the team at Holistic Psychotherapy NYC shares our core values of connection, compassion, and collaboration. but each individual brings their own unique experience and expertise to the table.

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Lydia is a trauma-focused and relational therapist who works with individuals, families, and couples. She believes that the client is the expert in their experience and she engages with a curious and collaborative approach. Lydia uses Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Trauma-Focused CBT, Cognitive Processing Therapy (CPT), as well as the Ackerman Relational Approach. She is a trained meditation teacher and integrates mindfulness and body awareness into her therapy sessions.

Lydia received her Master of Social Work degree from Silberman School of Social Work at Hunter College, and is currently training at the Ackerman Institute for the Family.

Lydia has experience working with clients struggling with anxiety, depression, loss of connection, difficulty communicating or difficulty trusting people, shame, self-harm, thoughts of suicide, and other post-traumatic symptoms. She has worked with survivors of domestic violence and emotional abuse, survivors of childhood abuse and/or neglect, recent immigrants to the US, members of the LGBTQA+ community, war veterans, and families with foster children. She speaks English and Spanish.

In her free time, Lydia loves to dance, make art, and play with her bulldog, Charles.

MODALITIES: INDIVIDUAL THERAPY, Couples Therapy, Family Therapy

Lydia Boaz, LMSW

Courtney is a humanistic and relational therapist that is passionate about the power of human connection and strongly values the healing properties of the therapeutic relationship. She strives to create a warm and safe space where individuals can feel safe to explore difficult topics, believing that this is the first and most important step in the healing process. She recognizes that the human experience is often deeply complex and painful, yet has the potential to be beautiful and fulfilling as well. 
Courtney’s goal in working with people is to walk alongside them and help them to better understand themselves, gain insight, work through the more painful moments of the past, and discover their own capability to cope with and grow through life’s hardships. Courtney’s approach to therapy is holistic, exploring the many components and intersecting areas of a person’s life. Additionally, she works to tailor each therapeutic experience to the individual, accounting for the unique needs of each person. 
Courtney has experience working with trauma, substance use, anxiety, depression, identity issues, and members of the LGBTQIA+ community. She loves utilizing humor, creativity, and mindfulness in session, as she believes tapping into these elements can be incredibly healing.
Courtney received her master’s and specialist degrees in mental health counseling from the University of Florida. She completed a 1000 hour clinical practicum and internship at a residential facility that specializes in the treatment of PTSD, substance use, and other co-occurring disorders.


Courtney Buckney, MHC-LP

Jordan is a psychodynamic and relational therapist, and believes that each person needs to find a therapist they feel genuinely comfortable talking to. He also believes that people grow and change through the relationship, so it’s important to work with someone who will challenge you when it’s necessary and appropriate. Jordan has a genuine interest in a person’s past to understand how emotions and behaviors are functioning in the present. He uses empathy and compassion to build a safe, trusting space where people can explore who they are and who they would like to become. Jordan works with his clients to create individual solutions to individual problems. 

Jordan has a passion for working with people from all walks of life, and has experience working with anxiety, depression, trauma, and relationship stress, to name a few. Before becoming a therapist, Jordan worked at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center and Google, Inc., which gives him a unique ability to understand and address the different stresses that people can encounter throughout life. He has also spent time as an amateur stand-up comic, and thinks that humor can make therapy more enjoyable and worthwhile. He’s also spent many years in his own therapy, so he really understands what it’s like to work on yourself with a therapist. 

Pronoun: He/him/his
MOdalities: Individual Therapy

Jordan de Kenessey Chapman, LMSW

Jamie is a psychodynamic and relational therapist. Her approach integrates evidence-based treatments such as CBT, DBT, and Internal Family Systems, and is grounded in mindfulness. One of Jamie’s primary goals is to help you to “find a home within yourself.” She believes that a connected and safe therapeutic relationship is at the heart of treatment, and that this is what allows growth and healing to take place. 

Jamie’s style is creative, empathic, attuned, and collaborative. She strives to listen deeply both to what is being said, and what is not being said. Jamie is known to encourage clients to dig deep, to challenge with warmth and humor, and to hold space for each person’s feelings and experiences with compassion.  Jamie is skilled in helping clients examine patterns that no longer serve them, and in guiding them to explore healthier and more nourishing ways of being in the world.

Jamie specializes in working with individuals who experience anxiety, depression, disordered eating, body image concerns, grief, chronic illness, issues with self-worth, trauma, and relational and transitional life issues. 

Pronouns: she/her/hers
Modalities: Individual Therapy

Jamie Steinitz, LMSW

Deanne hails from Queens, New York. Deanne is a holistic psychotherapist who brings a humanistic and culturally expansive lens to her work. Central to these lenses are cultural humility, recognition of every human being's inherent strengths, compassion, and the exploration of all aspects of one's physical, mental, spiritual, and social health. The foundation of the work is the collaborative building of the therapeutic relationship. 
Deanne honed her psychotherapy approach at Good Shepherd Services, Northport Veterans Administration, and Catholic Charities. In doing so, Deanne has worked with various populations, including adolescents, teenagers, adults, families, LGBTQIA+, and returning veterans, using multiple modalities – individual, groups, and family therapy. Presenting issues in her work have included but are not limited to anxiety, trauma, workplace and social stress, oppression, intergenerational racial trauma, and PTSD.
Deanne is passionate about social justice and an advocate for inclusiveness that provides equal access to opportunities and resources for people who might otherwise be excluded or marginalized. 
Deanne's self-care includes traveling, reading, daily exercise, and writing. She is also a cheerleading coach and mentor for high school students. 

Pronouns: She/her/hers
Modalities: Individual Therapy

Deanne Warde, LMSW

Vanessa and Sarah met in 2016 and connected over a shared therapeutic philosophy. After establishing successful psychotherapy practices of their own, they joined forces to found Holistic Psychotherapy NYC in 2020.

Vanessa and Sarah are excited to bring their vision of connected, compassionate, and collaborative psychotherapy to therapy seekers.

Vanessa Kensing, LCSW (Clinical Director) and Sarah Spitz, LCSW (Director of Clinical Operations)

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